Who is she?

Harmony Gullette is a Cincinnati-based singer/songwriter/guitarist whose love of music started as a toddler. She fondly remembers sitting in front of her dad's reel-to-reel tape player at the age of 2, headphones on, listening intently to The Beatles on repeat. Growing up, she spent so many hours singing to their songs that now she's unable to stop the bombardment of new melody ideas that are constantly popping in from the ether. 

From making up songs in her grandparents' basement to learning to play guitar by ear, Harmony's interest in music has finally resulted in a music career that's building momentum. Since late 2020, she has cowritten dozens of songs with friends from all over the world (including some Grammy winners and Foo Fighters producer, Barrett Jones), and currently has 36 fully produced tracks signed to 20 different sync agencies. Her most recent placement was in season 1 episode 9 of Bravo's "Love Without Borders." Her music has also been featured on the #1 award-winning Women of Substance Music Podcast.

Harmony's current projects span the genres - from indie rock, to pop, to country. She is excited to release more of her own music this year as she also continues to write with other artists and for sync.

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Thank you so much for visiting my brand spankin' new website! It's still under construction, but I love the Sheryl Sandberg quote: “Done is better than perfect.” That's a slightly hard pill to swallow for all of us perfectionists out there, but practice makes…uh…perfect? Doh!